You Can Do These Some Tips To Kill The Termites In Your House

There are many people who feel disturbed because of the presence of termites in their homes. Termites can indeed eat all the wood in the house. If you have a lot of wooden furniture, you must be careful because termites can eat all the wood. You also have to be careful of all parts of the house made of wood. Termites love furniture made from wood and wood that is moist. If your furniture or house has been attacked by termites, then you can use services from termite damage repair.

Termites can make all your wooden furniture porous. There are several ways to eradicate termites that you have to do.

Use Air Conditioning
Even though termites like moisture, but at extreme temperatures and sudden termites will suddenly die. If you set the air conditioner with the lowest temperature will have a good impact on your efforts to get rid of termites. You also have to move all furniture made from wood to a room that uses air conditioning.

In addition to extremely cold temperatures, sunlight is also very good for reducing the presence of termites in the house. This is because termites really like the place that is moist and lacks light. So not only heat is obtained, but the room will become drier and air can enter freely. This is the reason why you need to calculate the amount of ventilation when you build a house.

Soap water
This material has the ability to disrupt the termite respiratory system. Thus termites will die more easily because there is no supply of oxygen into the body. First, you dissolve the liquid soap until it is runnier. Place it on a used spray container and spray it on furniture. Do it regularly if you feel termites are still alive.

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