There Are Types Of Chainsaws That You Must Know

There are many types of electric circular chainsaws on the market from small to large. Of these, you can choose which type best suits your needs if you want to buy it, furthermore, we also recommended you read the reviews so you can buy the one which is perfect for your a needs.

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In order to make it easier for you to choose, here is information on several types of electric powered chainsaws for your basic knowledge.

1. Electric Chainsaw

Has a shape like a large chainsaw with a machine at the edges. How to use it is to start the engine then after the chainsaw rotates you have to stick it to a tree or wood and hold it until the chainsaw does its work. This tool is quite large and heavy, some types even require more than 1 person to lift it. Usually owned to cut large trees or wood by the wood or furniture industry.

2. The sitting wood cutting machine

It is planted on the table so that the wood to be cut must be placed facing 90 degrees. Slide the wood to fit the desired cutting pattern. Use a round disk blade that rotates when the engine is started.

3. Jigsaw machine

Use large and sharp needles to cut the wood according to the pattern. With a knife in the form of a needle, you will be freer to determine the pattern of pieces of wood to form a specific motif or engraving.

4. Hand grinding

This type is the most widely owned chainsaw for household scale. Used by hand and directly connected to electricity. Use a small disc as a knife that is directed directly to the wood to be cut. Grinding discs can also be replaced as needed for example with iron discs when you want to cut iron.

Once you know which type is needed, you can use the points below to choose which chainsaw should be purchased:

The brand.
The warranty.

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