There Are 3 Basic Tips To Improve Your Communication Skills

Doing the right communication and can be understood by others is one way to interact correctly. From communication at home with fellow family members, with friends and teachers at school, to fellow colleagues at work. By having adequate communication skills, your work can be helped. You may also try the communication skills training online to improve your communication skills even further.

Then, how to improve communication skills? You just need to read these 3 basic communication tips below:

1. Pay attention to Articulation

One important point that cannot be missed in communication is speaking clearly. The articulation of every word you say must be clearly heard by the other person. Do not let them only hear the murmur that certainly will not be understood the meaning.

If you feel like talking often, from now on be diligent in practicing saying words clearly and firmly. You can practice by saying ‘A, I, U, E, O’ with the correct shape of your lips and voice.

You can also record every conversation you make, then listen again in your spare time. Pay attention to any words that are often said unclearly when you speak.

2. Make Eye Contact

The next way to improve communication skills is to always maintain eye contact when talking with others or when you make presentations. Of course, this eye contact is done naturally. No need to glare or even squint too.

Send a positive signal when you make eye contact at the beginning of the conversation. Start by smiling when you will talk to other people. So they will feel comfortable and want to be talking to you.

Believe it or not, by making positive eye contact other people will trust your words.

3. Perform Alignments

Smart communication is always able to place themselves in accordance with the environment or people who are the other person. You cannot equate every style of speaking to everyone you meet.

Talking to superiors will definitely be different from talking to subordinates. Similarly, when talking to parents will certainly be different from the way of talking to children. For this reason, you are required to synchronize each time you communicate.

By aligning, you will be helped to convey what you want. Because the other person will be easier to understand every sentence you say.

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