The Future Of Condominium Investment

Property can indeed be one of the profitable investments given that land prices tend to continue to rise. However, if what you are aiming for is condo investment, not a house or land, is it profitable enough? But considering that many people nowadays choosing a condominium like the Antares to live you could be sure that the future of condo investment is most likely to be bright.

Nowadays, the presence of vertical housing like condos and condominium is on high demand. Living in a condo has become a trend, a lifestyle and an alternative place to live. Demand also tends to increase from year to year. Limited land to be built into horizontal residency and housing and land prices are always rising every year to make many property developers use the land to build vertical housing such as condos and condos. The heavy traffic and traffic jam in big cities has made people more comfortable choosing to live in condos that are close to the city center and business district. That way they shorten the time spent on the way to work and save on transportation. Due to the high demand for strategically located condos like the Antares, do not choose condos in the suburbs to be used as an investment.

A condo is a liquid asset in investment. Condos are assets that tend to be more liquid than houses and land. Houses in strategic locations are more expensive than condos in the same location. One of the things that make a condo an attractive investment is when you rent it out. Generally, the rental period for condos is 2 – 3 years and the fee is received in advance. If your condo is a condo with high demand and is sought after, the vacancy of the unit is a small risk. Condos that are good value in terms of location, building quality and facilities can provide rental income in the range of 7% -10% per year. So, make sure to invest the Antares to have a profitable investment.

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