Take Advantage Of Your Old Items For Beautiful Decoration

Moments of cleaning the house, whether you are moving or on a monthly schedule, are usually used to sort items that are still and are no longer in use brilliant storage. Most people may store items that are not used in 儲存倉, but others choose to keep them at home. Besides, because they do not need it anymore if it is continuously stored it will also take place.

However, there must be some of these items that are difficult for you to let go of. Either because you do not want to lose valuable past memory or the item is a relic of a deceased relative.

When sorting things and tidying the house, you can use items that are no longer in use into antique collections to brighten up the look of the house. If you are confused about how to use it, you can see the following ways:

Create a 3-D Photo Frame
Different from most picture frames, the shadow box has more thickness so you can store other objects besides photos or images. Family photos, childhood toys, key chain souvenirs, or pebbles from the beach you visit are placed together in this shadow box.

Old Photo Collages on the Refrigerator
Many ways to capture memories of the past. If the photo album is full and there is no longer a place to store a picture frame on a wall or table, display it on the refrigerator door is also not less interesting. Use magnets to attach the photos to the refrigerator so you can freely adjust the arrangement.

Recycled Display Shelves with Antique Cup Collections
Hanging display shelves in the form of shelves can be used for various purposes. To get it, it can be from anywhere, a wooden table that is no longer used can be cut into several parts, then used as shelves.

This recycling rack can be used to outsmart old-style kitchen equipment that you have so it looks like a kitchen design with open-themed vintage storage. In order to strengthen its vintage look, also hang a collection of antique cups on the shelves.

Glass Cabinet Create Elegant Appearance Collection
Not all collections must be displayed in open storage, some also need to be maintained so that they need to be kept in a closed place. By using a glass cabinet, a collection of toys, cloth, or ceramic decoration can be displayed clearly and well protected. Your old collection that is outdated can also look nicer when displayed in a glass cabinet like this.

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