Strengths and Weaknesses of Infrared Technology

At present we can find many infrared functions used for various needs. Some devices have integrated with infrared and you can find them in infrared-energy.
If you have been using infrared technology for a long time, do you know the advantages and disadvantages of this technology?
You better recognize infrared work and know the advantages and disadvantages of infrared so that you can use it to the fullest.
If you are searching for camera thermal or other devices that have infrared technology, you can find on infrared-energy.

Infrared can be divided into three regions, namely:
• Near Infrared ……………… 0.75 – 1.5 µm
• Mid Infrared … …………… … 1.50 – 10 µm
• Far Infrared ……………… .10 – 100 µm

Infrared can also be used as a search wave that can extend the distance of the wave reception, but the transmitted wave must be a line of sight (LOS) or straight infrared cannot turn if the vertical radiating radius is blocked by an object even if the object is transparent.
This theory we apply when sending a file from HP to HP. When sending files, for example, image files, between one cellphone and another, it must be done with a straight and close connection.
If at the time of sending images via infrared media done with the HP position that is not straight, it will be ascertained 100% of the image will not be sent properly (failed).
Infrared advantages
1. Easy to configure.
2. The file transfer process is easy because it does not need to require a signal in the transmission process.
3. Very practical to use in small capacity data transfers.
Infrared Weakness
1. Relatively close transfer distance (cannot be done at a considerable distance).
2. The transfer position must be perpendicular. If it is slightly out of straight, the connection will be lost (broken).
3. Data transfer is relatively long.
4. Data security during the transfer process is very lacking.
5. Technology that is left behind because infrared is rarely used.

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