Some Myths About Credit Card

This time the credit card is indeed a part of humans as a means of payment.
Besides being easy and practical, credit cards also always offer a lot of convenience and benefits for users take card payment. One company that provides tools for card payments is take card payments. In addition to being hunted a lot because of its ease and benefits, credit cards also often get bad perceptions that have the effect of misleading many people.

Some stories and bad experiences experienced by many people because credit cards have similarities.
Erroneous perceptions that arise later are believed to be facts which are only mere myths about credit cards.
This subjective perception should be addressed wisely. The following are credit card myths that are already trusted.

1. Credit Card Interest Trap
This myth tells us not to choose a credit card because credit cards have high-interest rates.
This myth is not true because when it is late or not disciplined in paying credit cards, of course, the interest will increase.
Therefore, having a credit card should also be disciplined in paying bills every month.

2. Credit Cards Encourage Shopping
There is a myth that credit cards are cards that can give a boost to shopping and make users consumptive.
It is not a card that makes users become consumptive or motivated to shop, but personal or personal cardholder itself.

3. Credit Cards are Debt Cards
If there is a myth that credit cards are a debit card, that myth is a myth that is not true. Because the myth assumes users will owe credit cards.
The working principle of a credit card is almost the same as a debit card. Only debit cards are cards with funds that have been previously available.
While the funds used from the credit card funds will be paid after using it

4. It’s hard to have a credit card
The next developing myth is getting a credit card is not easy or difficult. You could say this is not true.
As long as you can fulfill administrative requirements and be declared safe, anyone can just apply for a credit card.
Indeed, having a credit card has provisions where the applicant is required to submit it when these requirements have been fulfilled.

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