If Your Crush Is Not Texting Back Just Wait

It’s certainly annoying if your crush does not reply to our chat even when you are sure that you know the best way of texting a girl. This situation may seem silly, but it could be nerve-racking. You probably will be stuck by checking your smartphone from time to time. Then, how to overcome it?

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Make sure that you don’t send other messages when your previous message has not been replied. Sending a chat again after a previous chat hasn’t been replied to will not solve the problem, but worse because you will look so aggressive. Besides that, try to imagine how she would react when opening a smartphone and finding so many texts piling up from you? If your hand feels itchy to keep on sending chat, at least ask just ordinary things. Don’t pretend to be sulking to get attention. We never know what is happening to make her doesn’t reply to the chat.

Many people will jump into the conclusion that their crush is not interested in them when their text not replied. Don’t immediately assume she lost interest and don’t immediately think badly first. Maybe there are important things that make her unable to reply to chat, such as being stuck in the office or running out of battery. So, before you start panicking, think about whether something else might have happened. It doesn’t hurt to wait for several hours. But leave your phone alone because it will only make you assuming staring at it. Don’t touch your smartphone, because you will panic. You will be staring at the smartphone screen constantly and expect the reply that appears. So, hold that urge and control yourself. Don’t send a message as soon as she doesn’t send a reply.

If a woman doesn’t respond to chat in two days, there is only one possibility: she is not interested in you and does not want further relationships. Instead of constantly sending her messages, stop. You still have to have high self-esteem because you also deserve to be pursued, not merely chasing.

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