How to Use Thong

Thong is usually used for the purpose of avoiding the line of underwear in trousers, tight clothing or skirts. The problem that arises in most underwear is how thin the material is used, almost always seen a seam line through tight buttocks. Thong overcomes this problem because trousers are rarely so tight at the front that you can see the line of pants, but behind them, the hem is safely slipped by your buttocks. If you have never used a thong before, try starting with the samba style. This style will hide the line of underwear without causing the feeling of ‘interested’ complained of some people. High-waisted thong helps prevent the appearance of panties on the hips, which is effective when you wear tight clothing. You can visit our website to Add Names To Thongs.

Make sure the thong that you wear is not sticking above your belt line. Sit, bend, crouch, and do other similar movements in front of a mirror to check whether the thong is visible or not. If the ‘whale tail’ problem happens repeatedly, you need to try a different size or model of thong, avoid low-cut jeans, wear a belt, or just cover the section with a long shirt. However, it’s a good idea to prepare yourself to make quick adjustments when in public places. When seated, slowly reach behind the line of your belt and check if the thong protrudes out. If it’s open, tuck the thong as soon as possible and pull the shirt down to cover the part.

One problem that sometimes arises in the use of thong, is that type of underwear can spread bacteria faster than ordinary underwear, which can cause infection. Because the thong touches the anus and the genitals, bacteria can spread more easily between the two parts, especially if the thong changes its position during the day. This is not a problem for most women, because if you often experience fungus or bacterial infections, you may need to replace thong more often. Choosing a thong that is larger than the size you normally wear might increase comfort and cleanliness. Thong made from cotton will be better at preventing bacteria than other types of fabric, so if you are afraid of infection, try this thin cotton.

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