A Good Choice Of Words Could Make It Or Break It

Sending messages to women after getting acquainted can be quite a confusing activity. At these stages, small mistakes can result in us losing the opportunity to establish further relationships. The most important thing that you need to remember on how to text a girl is trying to avoid emotional words when texting with a crush like “Why the heck are you taking so long for my messages now? Are you bored with me? Are you still alive? Always remember that maybe she has a life outside her phone, not like you. Besides, keep in mind that texting is not a match. You don’t need a score. There is no win-win. That is, who invites more to talk first is not important. The important thing is that you guys chat and get closer.

Be careful with autocorrect. Autocorrect on the iPhone is sometimes sadistic, can make the words “good” to “naughty” or “stupid”. Also, don’t over-use emoticons. Emoticons are only a way of conversation that may be used occasionally. If without emoticons you can still convey your intentions, the impression is leaving more impression to her. Feeling less fun without an emoticon? That is the consequence, it is far better if you just call or ask to meet. Nobody requires you to text every day with her. Now and then, it’s great to make it miss you with two weeks without texting.

“Have you eaten yet?” “What are you doing right now?” Is the old school sentence that should be left on the past. Replace with “invitation” to chat about things that you think are interesting or similar to what she likes. Example: “You like noodles, right? Looks like you have to try the restaurant near my office, it’s really tasty. Here is the picture. “If the response is positive, reply with” Next week I treat you there.” Be careful with words that point to sexuality. When you are in a relationship, maybe this is the spice for the relationship. But when she is still at the stage interested in you, words like this risk making you look like a pervert.

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