6 Ways To Repel Ants With Materials That You Can Get In The Kitchen

One of the things that housewives hate is ants. Its presence can interfere with cooking activities in the kitchen. Because in the kitchen many foods contain sweet taste, ants flock to come to get it. Food is contaminated with small ants and the kitchen gets dirty. Ants can also enter food that has been prepared so that our family unconsciously eats ants. This is dangerous because if you eat too many ants it can cause a bad impact. If you feel disturbed, it’s better to come to the home pest control and ask for their help to get rid of all the ants at home.

If you don’t have enough time, you can try some of these ingredients and kitchen utensils to clean your house from clay ants.

Lemon Fruit
Apart from being a cooking ingredient and drink, lemons are also useful for keeping ants away from the kitchen. How to get rid of these ants you can start by putting the squeezed lemon juice in the doorway and kitchen window sills. Spread the lemon juice in the holes or cracks in the wall that could potentially be the way the ants enter.

Not only the juice, but you can also use the lemon peel as a way to get rid of ants. Cut the lemon peel in a small size. Then, place the piece of skin around the kitchen entrance or near the kitchen entrance. Ants are guaranteed not to dare to enter the kitchen because he hates the distinctive odor produced by lemons.

Ants are also often found in food storage cabinets. We have closed the closet tightly. To overcome this, it would not hurt if you use flour as a way to expel ants. How to?

Sprinkle flour by forming lines that match the curves of the cupboard. If the ant starts to enter the cupboard, it will be blocked by the flour line so that it will step back and leave your cupboard.

Having the opposite taste of sugar, the saltiness of the salt can make ants scurry away. How to get rid of ants on this one can be said to be very practical because salt is a cooking ingredient that must be owned by all housewives. It is enough to sprinkle enough salt around the door frame. You can also apply this way of driving away ants by putting it on the road that ants normally pass to steal your food.

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